Control Interfaces

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Visionaire Studio allows, you, the user to create, customize & tailor your own unique command/control interface. Here are a few command/control interface types you could use for ideas.

Before I start, I would just like to point out that by default most command interfaces - except from the cycle command interface - utilizes the right mouse button to examine objects/characters & the environment etc or for clearing the currently selected command.

Single Command Interface (Broken Sword Interface)

This is the simplest & most commonly used interface for modern adventures games as it only requires you to create one command for being able to left click. The reason we don't need to create one for right click is that it already exists as a command for Visionaire Studio. Typically left click would be used for character/object interaction & right click would be used to examine characters/objects.

In games such as Broken Sword, the cursor automatically changes - on mouse over an object/character - to an animated cursor that reflects what action will be performed if the player clicks the interaction button on said object/character. Right clicking will usually prompt some kind of examine/observation action; this action is not shown via the cursor icons in Broken Sword & it is assumed that the player should know this or has read the bloody manual.

More modern point & click games such as Deponia uses the same kind of interface as that of Broken Sword but use a single cursor icon which is split into 2 parts. One part always has the examine icon which fades in when you hover over an object you can examine & the other half fades in different icons, or nothing at all depending on whether or not you can interact with the object/character that is currently underneath the cursor.

Ideally this kind of command interface, besides being very streamlined & the simplest interface to create by far, would be the most ideal command/control interface to use for all intended devices; especially handheld devices such as android tablets & the iPad.