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An introduction to Visionaire Studio™

With Visionaire Studio: you can quite easily design & create your own point & click adventure game without any previous programming knowledge due to a short learning curve & the predefined actions, conditions & values already available via the "Select action part" pop-up box & tabs.

All it takes, is a bit of logical thinking, to program the game; everything else is down to artwork, music & sound design.

For anyone who is familiar with LUA Script - or is willing to learn - will be able to create advanced functions & features for their games by using the internal LUA Script editor.

There are plenty of tutorials, project templates & lua script examples available via the forum & wiki for people to learn from; besides this manual.

Currently Visionaire Studio™ Adventure Game Engine editor is available to use on both Windows & Mac Operating Systems & finished games can be exported for both Windows & Mac OS; in the future we hope to add iOS & android platform build support to the export options!

Meet the team



 Real name: Thomas Dibke
 Community name: Marvel
 Credits: Founder, planning, graphic design & Visionaire Studio™'s very own Steve Jobs!



 Real name: Alex Hartmann
 Community name: Alex
 Credits: Lead Programmer
 Links: n/a


 Real name: David Stoffel
 Community name: BigStans
 Credits: Programmer, cross platform porting, media, misc coding & bug fixing savant!
 Links: n/a


 Real name: Timo Pokorra
 Community name: [visionaire]timo
 Credits: Programmer, data structure

Web Design


 Real name: Jeroen Alfes
 Community name: Calli
 Credits: Visionaire Studio™ web design



 Real name: Lee Clarke
 Community name: AFRLme
 Credits: Support, research, English communications & correspondence
 Links: Alternating Frequencies™ (indie record label | media)

Visionaire Startup

Visionaire startup en.png

Create new game: creates a new game with no presets (advanced users)
Create new game with minimal configuration: creates a game with a premade character, interface, scene etc
Load existing game: manually search & locate an existing .ved file to load
Load recently opened game: select a project to load from recently opened/saved project files

Language Selection