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Function History

Available since v3.0
MovieVolume & GlobalVolume added to v3.8

Allows the user to set volume levels of: music, sound fx, speech, video, & master.

Additional Info

These are the numbers used inside of the setVolume(brackets) to set specific volume types.
eMusicVolume(0), eSoundVolume(1), eSpeechVolume(2), eMovieVolume(3) or eGlobalVolume(4)


setVolume(type, volume)

Example 1: recommended method

-- set music volume to 50%!
setVolume(eMusicVolume, 50)

-- set sound fx volume to 50%!
setVolume(eSoundVolume, 50)

-- set speech volume to 50%!
setVolume(eSpeechVolume, 50)

-- set movie volume to 50%!
setVolume(eMovieVolume, 50)

-- set global (master) volume to 50%!
setVolume(eGlobalVolume, 50)

Example 2: using integer values instead

setVolume(0, 50) -- is the same as...
setVolume(eMusicVolume, 50)


type: integer (number)
The type of volume to set: eMusicVolume(0), eSoundVolume(1), eSpeechVolume(2), eMovieVolume(3) or eGlobalVolume(4)

volume: integer (number)
New value for volume. Must be a value between 0 and 100





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