ShaderFollowCharacter (CMS)

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Function History

Available since v4.0

Smoothly follow a specific camera around the screen. The shader toolkit is needed for this function to work.


shaderFollowCharacter(character, zoom, delay)

Example 1: follow current character around the screen

shaderFollowCharacter("", 1.2, 3000) -- follow current character at 1.2x zoom over 3s per movement.

Example 2: follow a specific character around the screen

shaderFollowCharacter("character_name", 1.2, 3000) -- follow character_name at 1.2x zoom over 3s per movement.

Example 3: stop following camera & restore screen viewport back to default value

shaderStopFollow(easeQuintOut) -- stop following camera & ease back to viewport default with QuintOut


character: "string"
This should be the name of the character you want to follow; if string is empty then it will automatically follow the current character.

zoom: float (number)
This should contain the zoom amount. (1 = default)

delay: integer (number)
The amount of time (milliseconds) needed to scroll &/or zoom the camera to the current characters location.





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