Visionaire Studio Licenses

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License Option 1: Evaluation

Visionaire Studio 4.x is available as a free evaluation version for Windows and Mac OS X. This version can be used for extensive testing, without any time limit enforcement.

Projects can not be compiled into a working executable file (.exe), which would be used by third parties to play the game. The evaluation version is limited to 10 scenes; in general, which should be more than enough, to create a technical demo for showcasing your game/project.

The evaluation version of Visionaire Studio is for non-profit use only. Commercial distribution of your game is prohibited.

You can download it here.

License Option 2: Indie Individual User (€49)

With this license you can compile games for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. A compiled game consists of one or more files that can no longer be edited by the Visionaire Studio Editor. Manual export is currently required for certain platforms, please see: play_faq for further information.

If your team consists of more than one developer (the developer being the people working with the Visionaire Studio Editor), then you will need to acquire the multi-user license.

This license allows you to digitally distribute your game (unlimited titles) for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Commercial distribution of iOS and Android games is forbidden. Only non-profit games are allowed for iOS and Android. For commercial distribution rights on mobile platforms a mobile license must be purchased.

With this license you can share your game as a physical product between friends, or as a technical demo via a cd, dvd, or usb device, for free. Commercial distribution of your game as a physical product in retail stores is forbidden, unless you acquire a business license. Games created with this license must be branded (see “Branding” section).

Crowdfunding (see "Crowdfunding" section) for your game is allowed as long as it does not violate other license terms and the total sum of your campaign does not exceed €10.000 (or the equivalent value stated, in any other currency).

Order it from here.

License Option 3 (Unlimited Distribution)

The unlimited distribution rights for a game can be purchased for 1000 Euro. The Visionaire 3.x full version is included with this license. If requested it is possible to receive intermediate builds (internal Visionaire versions between two public releases). This allows you to get a version with possible important bugfixes or features faster than with the regular releases.

Further Information

If there are doubts about which license model does apply to your specific situation, please contact the Visionaire team in order that situations of misunderstanding cannot arise.

The Visionaire Team does generally not commit themselves to fix bugs in Visionaire 2.x or provide features to Visionaire 3.x. The Visionaire Team decides on their own, which versions of the program to improve and advance. From Visionaire 4.x on, a new purchase is required. Licensees of programs of Visionaire 3.x are not entitled to free of charge versions of Visionaire 4.x.