GetObject (CMS)

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Function history
Available since v3.0

Allows you to access, read & manipulate the data tables for the linked object, item, character, condition, & value etc...

Additional Info
!important: The object names are case sensitive.


getObject("path[object, error]")

Example 1: Quick getObject method; you must take care when using this method, that your project does not contain multiple objects with the same name.

-- This method is unsafe because it accesses all the condition/value tables associated with the project
getObject("Conditions[condition_name]") -- get a condition
getObject("Values[value_name]") -- get a value
getObject("Actions[action_name]") -- get an action
getObject("Animations[animation_name]") -- get an animation

Example 2: Full getObject method.

-- * scenes * --
getObject("Scenes[scene_name].SceneConditions[condition_name]") -- get condition linked to a scene
getObject("Scenes[scene_name].SceneObjects[object_name].ObjectConditions[condition_name]") -- get condition linked to a scene object
getObject("Scenes[scene_name].SceneValues[value_name]") -- get value linked to a scene
getObject("Scenes[scene_name].SceneObjects[object_name].ObjectValues[value_name]") -- get value linked to a scene object
getObject("Scenes[scene_name].SceneActions[action_name]") -- 
getObject("scenes[scene_name].SceneObjects[object_name].ObjectAnimations[animation_name]") -- get animation linked to a scene object
-- * characters * --
getObject("Characters[character_name].CharacterConditions[condition_name]") -- get condition linked to a character
getObject("Characters[character_name].CharacterValues[value_name]") -- get value linked to a character
getObject("Characters[character_name].CharacterActions[action_name]") -- get action linked to a character
getObject("Characters[character_name].CharacterOutfits[outfit_name].OutfitCharacterAnimations[animation_name]") -- get animation linked to a character
-- etc...


path: "string"
The path to the required data structure object.

object: text
Name of the object, character, condition etc; the name is case sensitive.

error: bool (true/false)
If true a warning will be printed to the log, if the linked object can not be found; it is set to true, by default.




Returns the data from the linked objects table; or returns empty.