Basic lua: Types

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There are multiple lua types available, which are automatically determined by the returned value of the variable, function or table.

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boolean This returns a value of true or false.
function A function usually contains a list of actions to be executed & can often be used to calculate & return values.
nil If no data type is returned then whatever you queried is either empty or does not exist, thus it is nil.
number This usually contains an integer (whole) or floating point (decimal) number.
string This usually contains text or numbers wrapped in "quotation marks" or 'apostrophes'.
table This usually consists of an array, or multiple arrays of data & data types.
threads -
userdata -
Example 1: boolean
local a = true

print( a, type(a) )
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Example 2: function
function a(i)
 return i

print( a(7), type(a) )
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Example 3: nil
local a = nil

print( a, "  type = " .. type(a) )
print( b, "  type = " .. type(b) )
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Example 4: number
local a = 7

print( a, type(a) )
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Example 5: string
local a = "hello world"

print( a, type(a) )
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Example 6: table
local a = {1,1+1,1*3,2*2,20/4,"6",3.5*2,10-2}

print( a[1], a[2], a[3], a[4], a[5], a[6], a[7], a[8], type(a) )
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