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Available since: v3.7
Creates a new screenshot which is either used for a savegame or stored to a file.

Lua Syntax:

createScreenshot( [saveTo], {flags=1, 
    clear = true|false})



"string" - If specified the screenshot will be saved to the given path. Otherwise the screenshot will be used for the next savegame(s), as long as a new screenshot is created or the current screenshot is cleared. If a screenshot for a savegame was created before it will be overwritten by the new screenshot.



If true the screenshot will be cleared. Default value is false. If the screenshot is cleared it will be generated automatically by the engine again, everytime the scene is changed from a playable scene to a menu.

Return Values



Example 1: basic save screenshot (if a file with the same name exists it will be automatically overwritten)

-- save to "screenshots" folder as "filename.png"

Example 2: save screenshot with both file name + time stamp

-- add this as an execute script action inside of a key input; change filename to whatever you like

-- save to "screenshots" folder as "filename_(date)_(time).png
local time ="%Y-%m-%d_%Hh-%Mm-%Ss")
createScreenshot("screenshots/filename_" .. time .. ".png")