Global Command: createScreenshot

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Create a screenshot to be used for the next savegame or to save into an external folder as a .png file.


createScreenshot(filename, flags)


Parameter Type/Structure Description
filename string If specified the screenshot will be saved to the given path. If not specified the screenshot will be used for the next savegame(s), until a new screenshot is created or the current screenshot is cleared. If a screenshot for a savegame was created before it will be overwritten by the new screenshot.
flags table flags = 1 indicates flags table
clear (bool) If true the screenshot will be cleared. If the screenshot is cleared, savegame screenshots will be generated automatically by the engine again (everytime the scene is changed from a playable scene to a menu). If the "flags" parameter is omitted, this defaults to false.

Return values



Example 1: Save a screenshot which will get used for the next savegame.


Example 2: Clear the previously saved savegame screenshot.

createScreenshot("", {flags=1, clear = true})

Example 3: Save a screenshot to a folder. If a file with the same name already exists, it will be overwritten. Be aware that the default save location is the game directory, which may be write-protected.


Example 4: This expanded example uses the "lfs" file system library to check for a "screenshots" folder inside the user directory and creates it if it doesn't exist.

-- Define a screenshot folder inside the user directory
local screenshot_folder = localAppDir .. "screenshots"

-- Function to check if a folder exists
function folderExists(strFolderName)
  if lfs.attributes(strFolderName:gsub("\\$",""),"mode") == "directory" then
    return true
    return false

-- Try to create the screenshot folder, if it doesn't exist
if not folderExists(screenshot_folder) then

-- If the screenshot folder exists, save a screenshot with timestamp
if folderExists(screenshot_folder) then
  local time ="%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S")
  createScreenshot(screenshot_folder .. "/screenshot_" .. time .. ".png")