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Available since: v3.0

Lua Syntax:

getObject(path_or_tuple [, logWarning])



"string" - Path to a Visionaire Object. The path has to start with a table name, then follows the object name in brackets ('[',']') - only the game table does not have an object name. Optionally a field name (field type must either be t_link or t_links) can follow after a dot '.'. For t_links fields you must specify an object name in brackets ('[',']'). For t_link fields there are no brackets. Alternatively you can also pass in a tuple with the table id and the object id, e.g. "(0,3)".


true|false - If true (default) a warning will be printed to the log file if the object could not be found.


Return Values

The found visionaire object or an empty object if no object was found.


Example 1: Access object by scanning whole object table (object name must be unique for whole table)

getObject("Conditions[door_open?]") -- get condition with name 'door open?'

Example 2: Specific object access

getObject("Scenes[office].SceneConditions[door_open?]") -- get condition 'door open?' linked to scene 'office'