Global Command Checker (CMS)

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Global Command Checker Definition AFRLme

This script allows you to check which commands can be executed on each object, item or character. This script was made with the coin interface in mind.


1. Add the main script to the Visionaire Studio Script Editor & set the script as a definition script.
2. Replace the strings inside of the t table with the name of your commands; the order is not important, but the names are case sensitive.

local t = {"close", "examine", "give", "open", "pick_up", "pull", "push", "talk", "use"}

3a. Inside of the condition tab of your your command interface, create a condition for each command you have created; the names should reflect the names given to the interface buttons & those of the t table.
3b. Add "_cond" prefix to the end of each of the conditions you just created; like so...


4. On mouse over for each object, item & character, create an execute a script action containing...


5. On mouse out for each object, character & item, create an execute a script action containing...


Main Script

Global Command Checker [v6] (17/03/2014)
Written by AFRLme [Lee Clarke]
-- + --
-- + --
This script is donation optional. In game credit is non-negotiable.
You are free to: ¹ use it in your game(s). ² modify the script.
Do not remove - or edit - this comment block.

-- * local variables * --
local cmd -- empty variables...

-- * tables * --
local t = {"close", "examine", "give", "open", "pick_up", "pull", "push", "talk", "use"} -- add command/condition names here (should both have same name)

-- * let's create the function which will determine what type of object is currently underneath the mouse cursor * --
function checkObjCmd()
 cmd = game:getLink(VGameCurrentObject) -- store the object underneath the cursor
 -- * --
 if not cmd:isEmpty() then
  if cmd:getId().tableId == eCharacters then cmd = cmd:getLinks(VCharacterActions) else cmd = cmd:getLinks(VObjectActions) end
  for i=1, table.maxn(cmd) do getCmdCond(i) end -- for each command listed in the table check if condition exists...

-- * let's create the function which determines if command equals one of the stored conditions & sets condition accordingly * --
function getCmdCond(val)
 for i=1, table.maxn(t) do
  if cmd[val]:getName() == "'" .. t[i] .. "' executed" or cmd[val]:getName() == "'" .. t[i] .. "' executed (immediate)" then getObject("Conditions[" .. t[i] .. "_cond]"):setValue(VConditionValue, true) end

-- * let's create the condition for on mouse out which checks which conditions are true & resets them back to false * --
function resetCmdCond()
 for i=1, table.maxn(t) do
  if getObject("Conditions[" .. t[i] .."_cond]"):getBool(VConditionValue) then getObject("Conditions[" .. t[i] .. "_cond]"):setValue(VConditionValue, false) end