How To Add a Splash Video (vsb)

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How to add a splash video to be displayed on game startup (2 methods)

This tutorial shows you how to add a splash/logo video to be displayed when the game is launched. There are currently two methods available for adding a splash video. Personally I recommend using method 2 as it's a lot more flexible.

Quick note:We recommend using mkv (Matroska) with vp8 video codec & ogg (vorbis) audio codec because it's an open-container format & it also allows embedding of multiple language audio tracks & subtitles. For more information on Visionaire Studio & supported video formats, please check here.


Method 1: Intro movie

1. Click on Game25 new.png on the main menu bar to open up the game properties tab.

Video splash m1 (1).png

2. Navigate to the Intro Movie field & open up the file selection dialog by clicking on this Open dialog icon.png button.

Video splash m1 (2).png

3. now locate & select the video file that you want to use for your splash video. Click open & you're all done. Quick note: if the video resolution is not the same size as your default game resolution, don't forget to tick the scale movie checkbox.

Video splash m1 (3).png

Reference Video

Method 2: At begin start following action

1. Click on Game25 new.png on the main menu bar to open up the game properties tab. Now navigate to the At begin start following action field & click on this icon Open action dialog.png to open up the game launch actions dialog window.

Video splash m2 (1).png

2. Now click on this icon Add 25.png on the toolbar to open up the action part selection dialog. Next locate & select the play video action part found under the multimedia category.

Video splash m2 (2).png

3. Now open up the select file dialog window by clicking on this Open dialog icon.png button. Locate the video file you want to add, select it, then click on the open button. If you are done adding actions to the at begin start following action actions list, click on the close button to confirm & close the action dialog window. Quick note: using this method is really nice because you can chain multiple videos & splash images & various other things together to be shown when the game launches; unlike method 1 which only allows you to link a single video.

Video splash m2 (3).png

Reference Video


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