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isInRadius(obj, rad) Definition AFRLme

This small function allows you to quickly query if the mouse cursor is currently inside of a specified radius based on current position of a character, or center of an object. Visionaire Studio 4.1 is required for this function to work.


1. Add the main script to the Visionaire Studio Script Editor & set the script as a definition script.
2a. To query if cursor is inside of a specified radius based on a characters position, create an execute a script containing...

isInRadius(Characters["character_name"], 50) -- this queries if cursor is inside of a radius of 50 pixels from characters current position

2b. To query if cursor is inside of a specified radius based on the center of an objects sprite (image), create an execute a script containing...

isInRadius(Objects["object_name"], 100) -- this queries if cursor is inside of a radius of 100 pixels from objects center (center of the image)

3. Here is a quick example of how to use this function...

if isInRadius(Characters["Tom"], 50) then
 -- do something
 -- do something else

Main Script

local x, y -- empty variables which the objects position or center will be stored in
local pos = {} -- empty table which we will store the mouse cursor positions in

-- check if cursor is in radius (circle)
function isInRadius(obj, rad)
 -- + cursor position + --
 pos.x = game.ScrollPosition.x + getCursorPos().x; pos.y = game.ScrollPosition.y + getCursorPos().y
 -- + object position & radius + --
 if obj:getId().tableId == eCharacters then
  x = obj.Position.x; y = obj.Position.y
  rad = math.floor(obj.Size * rad) / 100
 elseif obj:getId().tableId == eObjects then
  x = obj.ObjectSprite.SpriteSprite:getPosition().x + (obj.ObjectSprite.SpriteSprite:getSize().x / 2)
  y = obj.ObjectSprite.SpriteSprite:getPosition().y + (obj.ObjectSprite.SpriteSprite:getSize().y / 2)
  rad = math.floor(obj.Scale * rad)  
 -- + calculate distance from circle center + --
 if x > pos.x then x = math.floor(x - pos.x) else x = math.floor(pos.x - x) end
 if y > pos.y then y = math.floor(y - pos.y) else y = math.floor(pos.y - y) end
 if  math.floor( math.pow(x, 2) + math.pow(y, 2) ) <= math.pow(rad, 2) then return true end
 return false -- if not in radius then it's false

Syntax Breakdown

Name Type Description
obj link This should be a link to a scene object or a character. The function automatically detects if obj type is a character or object.
rad integer This should be an integer (number) value containing the radius value of the circle. Radius = circle diameter ÷ 2.