ObjName (CMS)

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objName(obj) Definition Sebastian

This small function allows you to quickly return the action text name of the linked Visionaire Studio Object (visOBJ).

Quick note: returns name associated with current active language.


1. Add the main script to the Visionaire Studio Script Editor & set the script as a definition script.
2a. Usage Example #1: return name belonging to a scene object belonging to the current scene.


2b. Usage Example #2: return name belonging to the visObj currently below the mouse cursor.


2c. Usage Example #3: return name belonging to a character.


2d. Usage Example #4: return name belonging to an interface button.


Main Script

function objName(obj)
  local t = obj:getId().tableId -- store table ID belonging to the linked visOBJ
  -- + --
  if t == eObjects then -- check if scene object or item
    return obj:getTextStr(VObjectName) -- return object/item name
  elseif t == eCharacters then -- check if character
    return obj:getTextStr(VCharacterName) -- return character name
  elseif t == eButtons then -- check if interface button
    return obj:getTextStr(VButtonName) -- return interface button name

Syntax Breakdown

Name Type Description
obj link This should be a link to the visOBJ you want to return the name for. The object can be a scene object, a character, an item, or an interface button.