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Pendulum Animation Playback (animation, lua) AFRLme

This tutorial shows you how to apply a pendulum effect to your animations, so that you can make them play forwards then backwards or vice versa. The idea in itself is quite simple & it only requires 2 tiny lines of Lua script, however I do believe that a pendulum animation option should be included as a standard feature in Visionaire Studio be default, so here's hoping that it gets added at some point in the future.


Start off by creating an animation & then you need to add all the frames that are required for playing the forward animation.

Next you need to select the first frame & then click on the edit button to open up the properties tab & then you need to click on the edit icon ( Anim editframe.png ), then you need to click on the create actions icon ( Choose action.png ) & then you need to create an execute a script action, which should contain something along the lines of this...

ActiveAnimations["animation_name"].PlayOppositeDirection = false -- play animation forwards

& now you need to do the same again for the last frame of the animation except the code you add should look something along the lines of...

ActiveAnimations["animation_name"].PlayOppositeDirection = true -- play animation in reverse
Quick note: "animation_name" should be replaced with the actual name of the animation & remember the animation name is case sensitive.

Pendulum tutorial (step 3).png

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