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Replace Item Function Definition AFRLme

This script allows you to replace one item with another while keeping the items position in the inventory. This script is especially useful for when you are replacing a manipulated item such as an empty bucket that has just been filled with water. By default Visionaire Studio would add the new item to the end of the inventory. This script requires Visionaire Studio 5.x plus.


1. Add the main script to the Visionaire Studio Script Editor & set the script as a definition script.
2. To use this function you have to include both the names of the item you want to replace, & the item that that you will be replacing it with; item names are case & character sensitive.

replaceItem("empty_bucket", "bucket_of_water")

Main Script

Replace item function [v2] (15/09/2022)
Written by AFRLme [Lee Clarke]
-- + --
-- + --
This script is donation optional. In game credit is non-negotiable.
You are free to: ¹ use it in your game(s). ² modify the script.
Do not remove - or edit - this comment block.

-- * tables * --
local itm = {} -- creates an empty table
itm["_temporary_"] = "" -- set the table as temporary (we don't want it to store any data in the save files)

-- * function for swapping 2 items while keeping the position of the current item * --
function replaceItem( init, repl )
 itm["gItm"] = game.Items -- get all game items & store them in a table
 itm["cItm"] = game.CurrentCharacter.Items -- get all character items & store them in a table
 itm["rItm"] = nil
 -- + --
 for i = 1, #(itm.gItm) do -- run a check to see if replacement item exists in game item table & if so, store item link in variable
  if itm.gItm[i]:getName() == repl then itm["rItm"] = game.Items[repl]; break end
 -- + --
 for j = 1, #(itm.cItm) do -- if initial item exists and rItm is not empty then replace init item with replacement item
  if itm.cItm[j]:getName() == init and itm.rItm ~= nil then itm.cItm[j] = itm.rItm; break end
 -- + --
 if itm.rItm ~= nil then game.CurrentCharacter.Items = itm.cItm end -- update character items