SetAnimSize (CMS)

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setAnimSize("anim", val, duration, easing) Definition AFRLme

This small function allows you to quickly set the size (percent) immediately of an active animation; or over x time with optional easing.


1. Add the main script to the Visionaire Studio Script Editor & set the script as a definition script.
2a. Usage Example #1: update animation size immediately from current size to 10%

setAnimSize("animation_name", 10)

2b. Usage Example #2: update animation size over 2000ms from current size to 10% with easeQuintIn easing.

setAnimSize("animation_name", 10, 2000, easeQuintIn)

Main Script

function setAnimSize(anim, val, duration, easing)
 duration = duration or 0 -- fallback in case duration equals nil
 easing = easing or easeLinearInOut -- fallback in case easing equals nil
 -- + --
 ActiveAnimations[anim]:to(duration, {Size = val}, easing) -- update animation size

Syntax Breakdown

Name Type Description
anim "string" This should be a "string" value containing the name of the animation you want to affect.
val integer This should be a number value which will used to determine size (percentage) of the linked animation (anim).
duration integer This should contain a number value in milliseconds of how long you want the animation size to take to change from the current value to the target value.
easing integer This should contain a number value, or the variable name of the easing type that you want to use. Here is a list of available easing options.