ShaderAddEffect (CMS)

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Name Type
shaderAddEffect(effect) Execution

Allows you to add various dynamic warp effects to the screen. The shader toolkit is required for this function to work.

Available Effects
ascii: He IS the One...
chroma: Woah! 3D! Hope you brought your x-ray specs...
edgeglow: Neon glow, Fast & Furious style
fourbit: Before there was 8-bit graphics, there was 4-bit grafix...
highlight: Does anyone have a god complex? well now now you can smite the screen with god rays!
pearls: Unlock the inner artist in you, by turning your game into a mosaic masterpiece
ripple1: House of Mirrors (large waves)
ripple2: House of Mirrors (large central)
ripple3: House of Mirrors (deep blue sea)
ripple4: House of Mirrors (smooth central)
warp1: Pure tiled chaos.
warp2: Is it Jelly? or Jell-O?
tv1: Do the Munster! Munster! (retro movie effect)
tv2: Cheap CCTV.
tv3: Distorted reality v1 (3D glasses sold separately)
tv4: Distorted Reality v2 (3D glasses sold separately)



Add effect

shaderAddEffect("tv1") -- enable tv1 effect


Remove effect

shaderRemoveEffect("tv1") -- remove tv1 effect

Syntax Breakdown

Name Type Description
effect "string" This should be a string value containing the effect you want to enable/disable.