ShaderBlur (CMS)

From The Official Visionaire Studio: Adventure Game Engine Wiki
Name Type
shaderBlur(value, delay) Execution

Allows the user to blur or focus the camera/screen over a specified amount of time. The shader toolkit is required for this function to work.



Set blur amount

shaderBlur(0.8, 3000) -- blur the screen by .8 over 3 seconds
shaderBlur(0.8, 0) -- blur the screen by .8 instantly


Turn blur off

shaderBlur(0, 3000) -- focus screen back to default over 3 seconds
shaderBlur(0, 0) -- focus screen back to default instantly

Syntax Breakdown

Name Type Description
value float (decimal) The amount to blur the screen by; recommended value somewhere between 0 & 20.
delay integer (number) The amount of time to blur/focus the screen over; in milliseconds (ms).


Name Description A working .ved file, complete with resources. Check out the readme.txt file for instructions.