StartSound (CMS)

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Function History
Available since v4.0

Allows you to play sound files; with optional property values.

Additional Info
Properties currently available...
volume, balance, offset & loop
Please note that only mono sounds can be panned using the balance property; all stereo channel sounds will remain centered.


startSound("filename", {flags=1, properties})

Example 1: basic play audio file method


Example 2: again with properties

-- play example.ogg at 100% volume level, audio centered, from 1 second mark with loop mode on
startSound("vispath:sounds/example.ogg", {flags=1, volume=100, balance=0, offset=1000, loop=true})

let's say you have an audio file with a duration of 00:03:24 & you want to start the audio file at: 2 minutes & 44 seconds;
so what we need to do is convert minutes/seconds into ms like so: (2*60)*1000 + (44*1000) = 164000ms

math explanation:
2m*60s = 120 seconds * 1000ms = 120,000ms | 44s*1000ms = 44,000ms
120,000 + 44,000 = 164,000ms


filename: path
The path to the audio file to be played; vispath: must be included at the beginning of the path.




  • volume: allows you to set volume level via an integer value
  • balance: allows you to set the left/right audio balance via an integer value (-100 to 100; 0 is centered)
  • offset: allows you to start audio file from x time via an integer value (in ms)
  • loop: allows you to declare if audio file should loop via a boolean value (true/false)



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