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New: Creates a new project file
Load: Browse for an already existing project file to load (ctrl+o)
Save: Overwrite currently opened project file (ctrl+s)
Save as: Save project file under a new name & or location

Save & run: Overwrite currently opened project & then run the game (ctrl+f9)
Save as 'project_name_number.ved': Allows you to save project file with a new build/revision number attached to it

Most recent: Lists 3 most recently opened or saved project files in memory; for quick loading

Export team file: Save as team project file so multiple people can work on it
Import team file: Import (load) an already existing team project file

Quit: Closes the Visionaire Studio™ Editor; may prompt you to save - before allowing you to exit the program

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Undo: Undo previous action (ctrl+z)
Redo: Redo previous removed action (ctrl+y)

Command list: Display a pop-up box which contains a list of all actions made during current session (ctrl+h)

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The "Command list" explained

The command list shows all the edits made during current session; in which you can manually select which edits to undo or redo.

  • Blue: edit has not been touched
  • Grey: edit has been undone (undo)
  • Black: edit has been redone (redo)
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Explorer: Allows you to manually edit object properties; for advanced users only (ctrl+e)

Build game: Compile & export your game for various platforms (ctrl+b)

Generate action names: n/a
Generate action part names: n/a

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The Explorer Tool Explained
With the Explorer Tool: you can manually edit, pretty much anything from main game settings to objects, characters etc you have added!

  • Edit various options & settings not available in the editor
  • Create custom game default resolutions
  • Add more animation directions (in degrees º) for your characters
  • & much more!
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Build Game Explained

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Export texts: n/a
Import texts: n/a
Import speech files: n/a

Options: Configure the editor
Show fullscreen: Run editor in fullscreen mode (f11)

Run game: Run the game; game must be saved before running (f9)

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Help: Opens up wiki manual in your default internet browser
Visionaire website: Opens Visionaire Studio™ website in your default internet browser
Visionaire Forum: Opens Visionaire Stuido™ community forum in your default internet browser
Log window: Open a floating log window (displays any printed messages or errors which are added to messages.txt)

About: Pop-up a splash screen containing an image, team & program credits

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