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This small function allows you to quickly update a characters name on mouse over during runtime for any characters whose names you want to dynamically update, because the player learns their names over time or because you decided to allow the player decide on certain characters names themselves.


1. Add the main script to the Visionaire Studio Script Editor & set the script as a definition script.
2a. For any characters that you want to change the name of you need to include a value inside of their values tab & call it "character_name", & then inside of the String section you should include the default name of the character that you want to use.
2b. To update a characters name you would do something along the lines of this inside of an execute a script action part...

Characters["Tom"].Values["character_name"].String = "Jerry"

3. Create mouse enters actions for all of the characters whose name you want to update & create an execute a script action part & insert this line of code...


Main Script

function updateCharName()

 local n = game.CurrentObject.Name.TextLanguages

 for i = 1, #n do

  n[i].text = game.CurrentObject.Values["character_name"].String


 game.CurrentObject.Name.TextLanguages = n


Quick note: don't forget that you need to insert the default name of the character into the name input box for each language inside of the properties section of the character, otherwise it won't draw the text for any of the names linked to x language that have been left empty.