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Dear Visionairites,

We are holding a competition over the next couple of months in search of a new demo game. The winning game(s) will become the new official game(s) that will be bundled as part of the Visionaire Studio 4.x package. There will be 2 categories you can take part in: First Person or Third Person.


  • Submit your game before 00:00 (UTC + 1) of 31/12/2014.
  • Resolution of 1280x720 (hd 720p).
  • All media (sounds, graphics, videos) must be self made, or you must own copyright or obtain permission to use them.
  • Following media formats must be used...
    • video: VP8 with OGG Vorbis in a mkv container. Please see here for more details.
    • audio: OGG Vorbis or Opus. Please see here for more details.
    • image: png or webP.
  • At least 3 to 6 playable scenes.
  • A basic menu containing a minimum of: a start button, a save/load game menu & a quit game option.
  • 1 or more NPC characters.
  • 1 or more dialogs &/or displayed texts.
  • At least 1 scene must contain action areas & multiple way systems.
  • All the object names in the editor must be in English.
  • The games primary language must be in English (other languages can be added optionally).
  • There will be extra points awarded for speech output, use of lua script, usage of the 3D character system, usage of the particle system, & good naming convention etc.

Your entry submission must contain the .ved file & all resources required to run your demo. Please compress the root folder of your demo & all resources into a .zip archive & name it accordingly with your username & game name, like so: username_my-demo-name. The demo will be published with all the provided resources and as such you are providing permission in your submission for other users of Visionaire Studio to use & edit your submission for testing & non-commercial purposes.

How The Demo Will Be Rated

  • Presentation (graphics, animation, ui, & sound design) will make up 35% of your score.
  • Enhancements (parallax scrolling, lightmap, particles, action areas, shader effects, use of lua script ...) will make up 25% of your score.
  • Writing (Story & Dialog) will make up 25% of your score. (ideally your story should be a fun interactive/informative tutorial on Visionaire Studio itself).
  • Structure (project structure of files, folders, naming conventions etc) will make up the final 15% of your score.

Each category will be rated by each judge & the total from each judge will be calculated into an overall score which will determine the overall winner(s). The Judges will be listed at a later date.

Judge[1] = {5, 3, 3, 4}; judge[2] = {3, 2, 4, 1}
(5 * 35 / 100) + (3 * 25 / 100) + (3 * 25 / 100) + (4 * 15 / 100) = 3.85
(3 * 35 / 100) + (2 * 25 / 100) + (4 * 25 / 100) + (1 * 15 / 100) = 2.7
total: 3.85 + 2.7 = 6.55


Rewards are per category (first & third person).

  • 1st Place: 1x Mobile License or 200 EUR, Your demo bundled as part of the 4.x package, 1x Deponia Trilogy, 1x Official Visionaire Studio T-Shirt
  • 2nd Place: 1x Mobile License or 100 EUR, 1x Deponia Trilogy, 1x Official Visionaire Studio T-Shirt
  • 3rd to 5th Place: 1x Multi-User License, 1x Deponia Trilogy, 1x Official Visionaire Studio T-Shirt

Game prizes will be physical boxed copies.