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What is Visionaire Studio? It's great for beginners, yet powerful enough for professional developers!
Visionaire Studio is a powerful multi-platform game engine specifically designed for the creation of 2D and 2.5D point & click adventure games. It allows virtually everyone to develop games, as no coding is required. The only limitation is your imagination! Indies & Hobbyists

Your entryway into the world of adventure game development.
Teachers & Students

Teach the principals of game design, using a fun and easy to learn game engine.
Designers & Artists

Develop games without having to learn any difficult programming languages.
Professional Developers

Rapidly mock-up prototypes and ideas, or use it as a faster alternative to programming.

Fast and Easy to Use

Whatever your background, Visionaire Studio has many features for you to take advantage of!
Visionaire Studio is great for quickly getting ideas down as you can do everything without having to type a single line of code. You just click and select!

Bring your game to life in a matter of hours or days, instead of weeks or months. What would usually take you ages to achieve via programming can be done much faster due to our event system which allows you to effortlessly combine pre-made actions, queries and code.

Visionaire also provides a visual approach to design with a what you see is what you get type of preview section which allows you to quickly place assets and preview animations and toggle condition states.

Testing what you have currently done so far, is as easy as saving your project, then pressing run.

Within minutes or hours, you could have a working prototype to share with the rest of the world!
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Powerful Event System

Whatever your background, Visionaire Studio has many features for you to take advantage of!
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Flexible Actions

Whatever your background, Visionaire Studio has many features for you to take advantage of!
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Dynamic Visual Effects

Whatever your background, Visionaire Studio has many features for you to take advantage of!
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Built-in Script Editor

Are you ready to flex those finger muscles?
Visionaire Studio is not all about clicking everywhere. We also have are own built-in text editor which allows you further enhance what is already possible with the editor alone.

You can use it to further enhance your game, or to speed up workflow; which is all fandango, if you are more used to coding than wysiwyg visual development.

Most of the available action parts can be accessed or manipulated through the data structure tables or functions we have already created, but you can still write your own custom functions and scripts with ease. All it takes is a little time and patience to get to grips with, and you will soon be banging scripts out left, right and center.

We fully support Lua 5.3 and the openGL ES 2.0 shader language.

Our text editor is based on Scintilla.

Here are some of the available features:
  • Lua (5.4) & GLSL shader language (es 2.0)
  • Visual scripting system & Ilios scripting language (added in 5.x)
  • Color syntax highlighting
  • Collapsible blocks
  • Import/read/write external files
  • More in the future...
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Multi-platform Support

What every girl desires... diamonds Multi-platform support!
Using our built-in exporter system you can easily compile your game for a range of devices and platforms with ease.

You can tweak the available options to suit the intended platform target. Need to compress images or animations, or maybe you need to scale down your game for better optimization on a mobile device? No problem.

The Visionaire Studio Editor is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Depending on the license you have purchased, you can export to:
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • HTML5
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Switch
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Visionaire Studio is used by professional, indie & hobby game developers alike!
We have many great references for games & studios utilizing Visionaire Studio as their game engine.

One of our biggest clients by far, is: German based Daedalic Entertainment, who are at the forefront of the modern-day adventure game development scene. A large portion of their award winning games were made with Visionaire Studio.

Here are a few of them:

Visionaire Studio has also been used to create countless indie point & click adventure games too, such as:

Midnight at the Celestial Palace (Orrery Games)
The Night of the Rabbit (Daedalic Entertainment)
Memoria (Daedalic Entertainment)
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes (Daedalic Entertainment)
Goodbye Deponia (Daedalic Entertainment)
Paradigm (Jacob Janerka)
ASA: A Space Adventure (Simon Says: Watch! Play!)
Four Last Things (Joe Richardson)
Ken Follet's The Pillars of the Earth (Daedalic Entertainment)

Start developing now! Try it for free!
Want to dive straight into the deep end? Choose your license and start making your own games now. There's nothing better than a free version of something - well except the final product of course! Try our free evaluation version to get a taste of what Visionaire Studio has to offer.