Compiled Index of Lua Scripts for Visionaire Studio

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Here you can find a list of Lua scripts made by various members of the Visionaire Studio team & forum community.

If you would like to share your own script and see it added to that list, please tell us on our Discord or in the forum.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to use any of these scripts in your own game project, make sure to check for any usage restrictions. While the scripts on this page are basically free to use, some require attribution to the creator in your game credits.

Interfaces & Items

Script Name Description Level By
Custom Item-Dragging System An alternative to Visionaire's default item-dragging, offering additional options Intermediate Christopher A. Summer
Cycle Inventory Items Endlessly scroll through the inventory items forwards or backwards Intermediate AFRLme
Dynamic Action Names for Dragged Items Advanced AFRLme
Insert Item Insert an item into the inventory before or after a specific item (needs updating) Intermediate AFRLme
Organize Inventory Items Alphabetically Sort inventory items alphabetically (needs updating) Intermediate AFRLme
Replace Item Replace an item in the inventory with another item (used for item combination) Intermediate AFRLme
Sliding Interface MKIII Slide interfaces in & out with duration & easing options Basic AFRLme
Sliding Interfaces based on Deponia Advanced AFRLme


Script Name Description Level By
Chained Volume Control Automatically dips music volume when a character talks & restores it when they have finished talking Basic AFRLme
Toggle Mute Volume Toggle mute & restore volume via keybind or an interface button Basic AFRLme


Script Name Description Level By
Argo Bubbles Dynamic Stylized Speech Bubbles (optional styling) Advanced The Argonauts
Change Text Position Set character and/or narration text to a fixed position on screen Intermediate Various
Dynamic Action Names Update action text on mouse over (deprecated) Intermediate AFRLme
Kill Background Text Allows you to skip background texts Intermediate AFRLme
Text Skipping Protection Keeps the user from skipping character and narration texts accidentally Basic AFRLme (& others)
updateCharName() Dynamically update the name of characters on mouse over Intermediate AFRLme
updateName() Dynamically update the name of the current object below the mouse cursor (multi-language support) Intermediate AFRLme


Script Name Description Level By
Sliding Puzzle (3x3) Advanced AFRLme


Script Name Description Level By
Check For Scene Scrolling Provides a function to check if the scene is currently scrolling Intermediate Einzelkämpfer
Config.ini (read/write) Used to store & retrieve the players option choices Advanced AFRLme
Global Command Checker Dynamically determine which commands are accessible on mouse over objects (needs updating) Intermediate AFRLme
Little Achievements Implement a basic local achievement system Advanced Einzelkämpfer
Loop Me Not Create a self-looping function that loops a specific amount of times Intermediate AFRLme
Self Looping Function with Delay 2 versions Advanced AFRLme

Math Functions

Script Name Description Level By
secondsToDays() Convert seconds to dd time format. Basic AFRLme
secondsToHours() Convert seconds to hh time format. Basic AFRLme
secondsToMinutes() Convert seconds to mm time format. Basic AFRLme
secondsToSeconds() Convert seconds to ss time format. Basic AFRLme
secondsToTime() Convert seconds to dd:hh:mm:ss time format. Basic AFRLme

Workflow Functions

Script Name Description Level By
alignChar() Quickly align a character to another character. Basic AFRLme
alignObj() Quickly align a character to a scene object. Basic AFRLme
changeOutfit() Quickly change the outfit of a character. Basic AFRLme
changeScene() Change to another scene with a specific transition effect over a specified amount of time. Basic AFRLme
checkCond() Quickly check the boolean value of a condition. Basic AFRLme
isInRadius() Quickly determine if mouse cursor is inside of a specified radius of an objects center or characters position. Basic AFRLme
langVisibility() Quickly fade in all scene objects containing the active language name, & fade out all scene objects containing other language names. Basic AFRLme
moveObj() Move an object from one position to another over x amount of milliseconds. Basic AFRLme
objName() Return the action text name of a specified object (returns active language name). Basic Sebastian
objVisibility() Quickly update the opacity of multiple scene objects, duration & easing are optional. Basic AFRLme
resetAnimFrames() Quickly reset the specified animations current frame range back to the default animation frame range. Basic AFRLme
setAnimFrames() Quickly set the first & last frame of an active animation. Basic AFRLme
setAnimSize() Quickly set the size of an active animation. Basic AFRLme
setCondition() Quickly set or toggle the boolean value of a condition. Basic AFRLme
setConditions() Quickly set or toggle the boolean value of multiple conditions. Basic AFRLme
setLang() Quickly set the spoken language & subtitle language. Basic AFRLme
setSceneBrightness() Quickly set the brightness/contrast level of a specific scene or the current scene. Basic AFRLme
setVal() Quickly set the integer or string of a value. Basic AFRLme
updateData() Quickly update multiple data types via a table & the function. Basic AFRLme

General Developing

Script Name Description Level By
Load External Scripts Allows you to load external scripts into Visionaire Intermediate Divo