Action Part Plugins

From The Official Visionaire Studio: Adventure Game Engine Wiki

Here is a list of available action part plugins created by various members of the Visionaire Studio community.

If you have created a plugin and would like to see it added to that list, please tell us on our Discord or in the forum.


Note that plugins get installed per project.

  1. Download the plugin zip file.
  2. In your project root folder (where the .ved is) add a folder called "plugins", if there isn't already one.
  3. Unzip the downloaded plugin file and copy the folder from it into the "plugins" folder.
  4. Open your project in Visionaire and click the jigsaw icon in the upper right.
  5. The list of available plugins opens up. Click "Install" next to the newly added entry.
  6. Save your project.

Now you're ready to use the new action part(s). You find all custom action parts at the bottom of the action part list, but not in the action part selection dialog.

Function Name Description Version By
Change Mousebutton Behaviour Adds an action part to change the behaviour of left and right mousebutton (send character to...) 1.0 Esmeralda
Change object/item/character name Adds action parts to change the name of a scene object, inventory item or character during the game 1.3 Einzelkämpfer
Fullscreen message Adds action part for fullscreen, faded in and out messages, either with a colour or a background image 1.0 Javier Cadenas
Move animation to Adds an action part to move an animation to a given position over a given time + easing 1.0 Esmeralda
Roll out dialog Adds action part for rolling out dialog window 1.0 Javier Cadenas
Scale or rotate object Adds action parts to scale and rotate objects with easing 1.1 Esmeralda
Set animation frames Adds action part to set animation frames to first and last given frames 1.0 Javier Cadenas
Set interaction position character Adds an action part to set the character postion for executing an action on a character 1.0 Esmeralda
Set scene volume Adds action part for changing scene volume 1.0 Javier Cadenas
Set value string Adds action part for setting and clearing value strings 1.0 Javier Cadenas
Show/Hide Single Interface Adds an actionpart to show/hide an individual interface (not an interface class) 1.2 Esmeralda
Slide Interface left/right Adds an action part that slides an interface to a given position on the x-axis 1.0 Esmeralda
Slide Interface up/down Adds an action part that slides an interface to a given position on the y-axis 1.1 Esmeralda