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Visionaire Studio features a plugin system which lets you develop your own action parts. Plugins get installed per project, so when starting a new project you have to install plugins you wish to use (again), even if you used them before in another project. Open the plugin section through the jigsaw icon in the toolbar to see all plugins currently installed or ready to get installed. You can uninstall them here, too, of course.

Once you have installed a plugin you are ready to use the newly added action part(s). Note that you will not find these custom action parts in the action part selection dialog. They will only be added to the bottom of the action part list which is available after you added an action part (in its properties panel). So if you want to add one of the custom action parts to your action and you have the action part selection dialog pop up by default, select some random action part first and change its type afterwards.

Members of the Visionaire community shared some of the plugins they developed. You can download them from this wiki.

Installation of plugins

  1. Get the plugin zip file (either download one or develop/create your own).
  2. In your project root folder (where the .ved is) add a folder called "plugins", if there isn't already one.
  3. Unzip the downloaded plugin file and copy the folder from it into the "plugins" folder.
  4. Open your project in Visionaire and click the jigsaw icon in the upper right.
  5. The list of available plugins opens up. Click "Install" next to the newly added entry.
  6. Save your project.

Develop a plugin