Global Command: setGameClientAchievement

From The Official Visionaire Studio: Adventure Game Engine Wiki

Set a game client achievement to "done".

Note: this command only works, if the Steam API/GOG Galaxy library was loaded and if a Steam/GOG Galaxy account for your game exists.

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setGameClientAchievement(apiName, [flags])


Parameter Type/Structure Description
apiName string The name of the achievement to set. This is the API name specified in the Steam/GOG Galaxy account.
flags table flags = 1 indicates flags table
clear (bool) If true the achievement will be cleared. Default value is false.

Return values

Type Description
boolean True if the achievement was set successfully, false if the operation failed.


Example 1: Set a game client achievement to "done".


Example 2: Clear a game client achievement (set to "not done").

setGameClientAchievement("achv_easteregg_1", {flags=1, clear=true})