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Hotspots (image/animation based) AFRLme

This tutorial shows you how to create hotspots (snoop animations) in Visionaire Studio. Hotspots usually consist of images, animations or text that are used to show points of interest in each scene.


1. First things first: you should create some images/animations via your graphic/3D editing program of choice.

Hotspot 001.png

2. Next thing you want to do is create a button inside of one of your interfaces & set the button type to action area.

Hotspot 002.png

3. Create your hotspot animations inside of this button & adjust properties settings for each animation to suit.

Hotspot 003.png Hotspot 004.png

4. Next you need to assign your hotspot animations to each of your scene objects & position them on the screen via the effects tab.

Hotspot 005.png

5. Now you need to go to game tab > key actions to sort out the key inputs that will toggle the hotspots animations on/off.
6. Create a space key action & inside of this create a scene > fade "snoop" animations in action part.

Hotspot 006.png

7. Create a space (released) key action & inside of this create a scene > fade "snoop" animations out action part.

Hotspot 007.png

8. Now rinse & repeat the process for all the other scene objects that you want to show hotspot animations for.


Name Description A working .ved file, complete with resources. Check out the readme.txt file for instructions.