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Here you can find Visionaire Studio demo projects that you can use as templates for your own games. They may contain comments, but they are usually not extensively documented like our tutorials. They're working examples of certain concepts to "reverse-engineer" and learn from.

If you have created your own demo project and would like to see it added to that list, please tell us on our Discord or in the forum.

IMPORTANT: The creators of the templates shared their work to help you build your own games. Any resources (images, graphics, sounds, videos etc.) included in the projects are copyright protected though – unless stated otherwise. DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANYTHING ELSE BUT THE DEMO THEY COME WITH!

Complete games

Template project file Description By
Captain Delta The official demo game for Visionaire Studio 3, still basically working. Developed with Visionaire Studio 3.x Daniel Carl / Visionaire Team
Chaos in the Cannibal Village The game is about a kidnapping by cannibals. It won second place in the Visionaire Adventure Contest 2015. Developed with Visionaire Studio 4.x Richard Gerum & Theresa Rottmann
Fantasy Quest The game was the winner of the Visionaire Adventure Contest 2015. It tells the story of a knight who has to free a frog from an evil spell. Developed with Visionaire Studio 4.x Andi Lidell
Magical Potions The game was developed in the context of a study project by a group of students. It tells the story of a magician who has to solve various quests. Developed with Visionaire Studio 4.x The Playing Wolves

Single features

Game setup / Menus

Template project file Description By Discussion
Building a Save/Load Menu Fully-functional save/load menu. Comes with a tutorial. Esmeralda Discord
Full game menu Full game menu with "New game", "Resume" buttons and several audio, display, and language settings – saved in a custom config.ini file. Esmeralda's save/load menu (which is available seperately) is included, too. Esmeralda Discord
Scrolling Credits Example of scrolling credits on a menu scene, using Lua script. Tom Hardwidge Discord
Zeppelin - First Person Template Small demo on how to set up a "Myst"-like first-person navigation. nigec

Locks & Codes

Template project file Description By Discussion
Combination lock (sequential) A simple combination lock with sequential type keypad, this would be used as a keypad for an alarm system or telephone. Only using action parts. The right code is 4321. nigec Discord
Combination lock (non-sequential) A non-sequential combination lock, suitable for multiple choice inputs. Using Lua script controlled animations. nigec Discord
Combination lock (inventory-based) An inventory based combination lock. Using mainly action parts. nigec Discord

Minigames / Puzzles

Template project file Description By Discussion
3x3 Sliding puzzle Basic example of a sliding puzzle. AFRLme
3x3 Tile puzzles Two examples of rotation and tile swapping puzzles (scripting and (almost-)non-scripting versions). Esmeralda Discord
Visionaire Minigames Minigame demo containing jigsaw, rotation, and sliding puzzles. Tudor C. Stamate & AFRLme


Template project file Description By Discussion
EK Particles A growing collection of particle system examples: Fire, fireworks (and more to come). Einzelkämpfer Discord
Particle system examples Dust, fog, insects, rain, snow, and leaves created via particle systems. Simona Discord