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Here you can find a list of tutorials & how to guides for Visionaire Studio by various members of the Visionaire Studio Team & its users.

Some of the tutorials might contain screenshots from previous versions of Visionaire Studio, but the described concepts are still working. We outsourced some of the older tutorials (video tutorials mainly) to our legacy tutorials page though. They may still be worth a look.

If you have written/filmed your own Visionaire tutorial and would like to see it added to that list, please tell us on our Discord or in the forum.

Text / Image Tutorials


Tutorial Name Level By
Dynamic character blinking for your characters Basic AFRLme
Dynamic footstep sounds Basic Lebostein
Lip Sync with "Rhubarb" in Visionaire Studio Intermediate AFRLme

Scenes & Menus

Tutorial Name Level By
Building a Save/Load Menu Intermediate Esmeralda (+ Einzelkämpfer)
Dynamic clouds (random scale, image & speed) Advanced AFRLme
Hotspot hightlighting using images or animations Basic AFRLme
How to create a scene within a scene Intermediate AFRLme
How to use the object mask plugin Basic AFRLme
Menu 101 - A guide to creating menus in Visionaire Studio Basic AFRLme


Tutorial Name Level By
Set up a verb coin interface with screen-centered inventory (MI3 style) Intermediate Einzelkämpfer


Tutorial Name Level By
Turn your regular animation into a pendulum animation with only 2 lines of Lua script Basic AFRLme


Tutorial Name Level By
How to add a splash video Basic AFRLme

Little Helpers

Tutorial Name Level By
How to create a simple playtime counter using a value, display text & a few lines of Lua script Intermediate AFRLme


Tutorial Name Level By
A dynamic lighting effect using images Intermediate AFRLme

General Developing

Tutorial Name Level By
Sort out real-time log monitoring Basic AFRLme

Video Tutorials

Sebastian's Video Tutorials

These tutorials are intended for Visionaire Studio 5.x. Most of them are in German. A YouTube Playlist is available.

# Der Hitchhiker's Guide zu Visionaire Studio 5 [DE] The Hitchhiker's Guide to Visionaire Studio 5 [EN]
00 Vorstellung
01 Projektplanung & Übersicht
02 Mauszeiger, Schriftarten & Charaktere
03 Erste Szene & Wegsysteme
04 Charakterskalierung & Lightmaps
05 Deponia / Baphomets Fluch 1-Click Interface
06 Sam & Max Hit the Road Interface
07 SCUMM Interface
08 Verb Coin Interface
09 Items
10 Das klassische Inventar
11 Das moderne Inventar
12 Kommentargruppen
13 Hotspot-Animationen
14 Standard Dialog System
15 Das Puzzle
16 Spielstand Speichern & Laden
17 Lua Crashkurs (1/2)
18 Lua Crashkurs (2/2)
19 Individuelles Drag & Drop
20 Gamepad-integration Gamepad Integration
21 Sprechblasen Speechbubbles

William Kruger's Video Tutorials

These tutorials are intended for Visionaire Studio 5.x.

# Video Tutorial PDF Tutorial Project Files
01 Creating a scene from scratch Download PDF Download ZIP
02 Scene animations Download PDF Download ZIP
03 Fonts Download PDF Download ZIP
04.1 Graphical Elements (part 1) Download PDF Download ZIP
04.2 Graphical Elements (part 2)
05 Inventory Download PDF Download ZIP
06 Combined Commands Download PDF Download ZIP
07.1 Conditions (part 1) Download PDF Download ZIP
07.2 Conditions (part 2) Download PDF Download ZIP
08 Changing Scenes Download PDF Download ZIP
09 Draggable Inventory Items Download PDF Download ZIP
10 If Statements Download PDF Download ZIP
11 Values Download PDF Download ZIP
12.1 NPC's (non-playable character) Download PDF Download ZIP
12.2 Outfits Download PDF Download ZIP
13 Character Animations Download PDF Download ZIP
14 Audio Download PDF Download ZIP
15 Light Maps Download PDF Download ZIP
16.1 Dialogue Basics Download PDF Download ZIP
17 Advanced (various)

Redspark's Video Tutorials

These tutorials are intended for Visionaire Studio 5.x.

# New Game Essentials
01 Visionaire Studio 5: Project Setup
# First Person Perspective
01 First Person Perspective Part 1
02 First Person Perspective Part 2
03 First Person Perspective Part 3
04 First Person Perspective Part 4

Javier Ventosa's Video Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for Visionaire Studio 5.x. The video is in Spanish (English subtitles available).

# Sound implementation using the audio system [ES]
01 Visionaire Studio - Implementación de Audio (música y sfx)