Player Commands

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This is an index list of LUA Commands; exclusively for using with Visionaire Studio!
Inside each page: you will find information, syntax & working examples for each command.

Command Description
createScreenshot() Save a screenshot to a folder or use stored screenshot for next save game image
getCursorPos() Check current x,y position of mouse cursor
getProperty() Check various OS properties such as platform, language etc (n/f)
getSoundId() Obtain integer value of currently linked sound file (if sound is playing)
getSoundProperty() Check current property values of linked sound (if playing) such as: volume, balance, offset & loop (n/f)
getSteamAchievement() Check x steam achievement condition value (n/f)
getSteamStat() Check x steam statistic for your game (n/f)
getTime() Developer command for checking time between 2 points; can be re-purposed into a crude delay or loop function
getVolume() Check volume levels for: music, sound, speech, movies & global
registerEventHandler() Create loops, listen out for various events; such as mouse actions, action/text started/stopped etc (n/f)
registerHookFunction() Set displayed & action text positions (n/f)
resetSteamStats() Reset x steam statistic for your game (n/f)
setCursorPos() Set mouse cursor to whatever x,y position you declare
setSoundProperty() Set the property values of a linked sound (via id) such as volume, balance, offset & loop (n/f)
setSteamAchievement() Set condition value of x steam achievement (n/f)
setSteamStat() Set value of x steam statistic (n/f)
setVolume() Set the volume levels for: music, sound, speech, movies & global
setWindowTitle() Set a custom title in the application title bar (window mode only)
startAction() Perform a linked "called by other action"
startAnimation() Load & play a linked animation
startDefaultBrowser() Launch your default internet browser / open new tab & load the included url
startSound() Play a linked sound; includes optional properties: volume, balance, offset & loop
stopAction() Stop a linked "called by other action" - if action is not active, then do nothing
stopAnimation() Stop a linked animation; if animation is not playing, then do nothing
stopSound() Stop a linked sound (via id); if sound is not playing, then do nothing
toggleSoundPause() Toggle currently playing sound (via id)