Visionaire Studio Basics

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Here you can find a list of tutorials & how to guides for Visionaire Studio by various members of the Visionaire Studio Team & its users.

Visionaire Studio Basics


Tutorial Name
How to add a splash video

Text / Image Tutorials


Tutorial Name By
How to disable interaction without hiding the cursor AFRLme
How to create dynamic character blinking for your characters AFRLme
How to add dynamic footstep sounds to your characters Lebostein
How to create hotspots using images or animations AFRLme
Menu 101 - A guide to creating menus in Visionaire Studio AFRLme
How to turn your regular animation into a pendulum animation with only 2 lines of Lua script AFRLme
How to sort out real-time log monitoring AFRLme
How to prevent skipping of cutscenes & videos (videos still skip) AFRLme


Tutorial Name By
How to create dynamic lighting effects using images AFRLme
How to create a simple playtime counter using a value, display text & a few lines of Lua script AFRLme


Tutorial Name By
How to create dynamic clouds (random scale, image & speed) AFRLme

Video Tutorials

Andiliddell's Video Tutorials

These tutorials are intended for Visionaire Studio 4.x. Actually these videos document the creation & development process of Andi's submission for the Visionaire Studio 4.x Demo Game Competition.

# Fantasy Quest Development Videos
01 Introduction, setup & interface
02 Scenes, room artwork, layers
03 Character animations & setup
04 Interfaces, verb coins, cursors, fonts, walk-able areas
05 Objects, visible condition, changing rooms

Redspark's Video Tutorials

These tutorials are intended for Visionaire Studio 4.x.

# Miscellaneous
01 Setting up a Visionaire project

# New Game Essentials
01 Starting a new adventure
02 Making a scene
03 Character building
04 Of mice and interfaces
05 Fee, fi, fo font

# The Scenic Route
01 The way of the waypoint
02 A behind the scene objects view
03 Reading the signs
04 Snooping around
05 Bride of waypoint

# Game Assets
01 Creating bitmap fonts

Sebastian's Video Tutorials

These tutorials are intended for Visionaire Studio 5.x. Playlist: here.

# The Hitchhiker's Guide to Visionaire Studio 5 [DE] (English subs coming later)
00 Vorstellung (introduction)
01 Projektplanung & Übersicht (project planning & overview)
02 Mauszeiger, Schriftarten & Charaktere (mouse cursors, fonts & characters)
03 Erste Szene & Wegsysteme (first scene & way system)
04 Charakterskalierung & Lightmaps (character scaling & lightmaps)
05 Deponia / Baphomets Fluch 1-Click Interface (single command interface aka broken sword interface)
06 Sam & Max Hit the Road Interface (cycle command interface aka sam & max interface)
07 SCUMM Interface
08 Verb Coin Interface
09 Items
10 Das klassische Inventar (classic point & click inventory)
11 Das moderne Inventar (drag & drop inventory system)
12 Kommentargruppen (comment sets)
13 Hotspot-Animationen (hotspot / snoop animations)
14 Standard Dialog System
15 Das Puzzle (creating a scene interaction puzzle)

Suro's Video Tutorials

These tutorials are intended for Visionaire Studio 3.x.

# Visionaire Tutorials
01 Basic character setup
02 Setting up the game
03 Aaaand action!