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This is the official documentation for Visionaire Studio: Adventure Game Engine.
Please use the links below to navigate.


Visionaire Studio: Adventure Game Engine: What is Visionaire Studio all about?
the Visionaire Studio Team: Say hello to the people behind Visionaire Studio.

General Information...

License Options: Here are the available license plans for Visionaire Studio.
System Requirements: Minimum & recommended system requirements for Visionaire Studio.

A Quick Overview of...

the Startup Screen: The startup screen, which allows you to create a new project, open a previous or recently saved project etc.
the System Menu: The system menu of the Visionaire Studio editor.
the Developer Console: The developer/debug console that is available by pressing tab during a game launched via the Visionaire Studio Editor.
the Game tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Loading Screen tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Scenes and Menus tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Characters tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Interfaces tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Items tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Cursors tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Fonts tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Texts tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Particle Systems tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
the Scripts tab: See Main Editor Tabs.
Action Parts: A quick explanation of each action part.

All About...

Actions: A quick explanation of the action system & the various action types that are available.
Animations: A comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of the animation frame sequencer.
Conditions & Values: What are conditions & values? How can we use them?
Control Interfaces: A quick rundown of control interface types & how to create them.
Displayed Text: What are the differences between Display text? Display Speaker Text? & Display Object Text?
Events, Loops, & Time: A comprehensive summary of various looping & timing methods you can utilize for your in-game events.
Particles: What are particles? & how can we use them to enhance our games?

How to...

Create a Game Menu:
Create a Save Menu:
Build a Playable Scene:
Configure Your Characters:
Create Animations in Visionaire Studio:
Build Your Game: How to compile & export your game as an executable (.exe) file, ready for playing.

The Lua Corner

Scripting: A quick guide to scripting in Visionaire Studio.
Data Structure: A compiled list of scriptable & read only editor actions & options.
Player Commands: A list of Exclusive Lua functions for Visionaire Studio.
Common Commands: A list of Exclusive Lua commands for Visionaire Studio.
Basic Lua: An introduction to scripting in Lua; for the general layman.
Lua Script Index: A compiled list of shared Lua Scripts & examples made by various members of the Visionaire Studio team & community.

A Few Tips...

on Sound Design: A few things to consider when approaching sound design & music production, for your game.
on Audio Encoding: Recommended audio formats & a few tips on audio encoding/conversion.
on Game Optimization: Some tips on optimizing your game for mobile devices & mid-low end machines.
on Image Encoding: Recommended image formats & a few tips on image encoding/conversion.
Marketing & Promotion: A summary of all the various ways you can market & promote your game.
on Motivation, Inspiration & Focus: Some ideas & tips to help boost productivity, as well as advice on what to look out for.
on Name Convention & Structuring: Tips on name convention & folder structuring.
on Video Encoding: Recommended video formats & a few tips on video encoding/conversion.
Workflow: A motivational Ted Talk (without the video) about improving workflow & reducing frustration.

Main Editor Tabs

Game: This is where you can setup the main game properties: mouse, key input, languages, provide information & version build number etc
Loading Screen: You can create an incrementally loading splash screen here; to display on game start
Scenes & Menus: This is where you can create, build & design your scenes, menus, objects & actions to be performed etc
Characters: This is where you can create your characters, outfits & animations etc
Interfaces: This is where you can create your main game control interface & on screen interfaces; such as inventory etc
Items: This is where you create items that can be picked up, stored in your inventory, given to other characters or combined with other objects
Cursors: This is where you create & animate mouse cursors you will be using throughout your game
Fonts: This is where you include the various fonts that will be used throughout your game in dialogs, displayed text & displaying object/character labels on mouse over
Texts: This is where you will find all texts for the game: labels, names, scripts, dialog etc & you can edit them via this section; if you like
Particle System: This is where you can create particles; like snow, rain, fog, fire etc (advanced users)
Scripts: This is the Lua Script editor in which you can write or include (load) external library files such as lua or c languages (advanced users)